Ylla Space

Building railguns for orbital launching systems

About: Our Mission. Our Vission.

Ylla Space, founded in 2022, is building the first railgun for orbital space transport. Our mission is to make space more efficient and affordable. Our goal is to use the power of railguns to shoot payloads into thinner air where the use of chemical propulsion is more efficient.

In our dream world, launching payloads into space costs tens of dollars numbers.

Tomorrow's economy will need constant transport to orbit, whether to satisfy the billion-dollar market of small satellites or re-supply space factories or hotels.

Today, we are building the first generation of our railgun to perfect our railgun simulator to help us create the perfect and most efficient railgun that matches industry-standard payload requirements.

Data Gathering V.1

The first version of the orbital launching system will be 50cm long and launch a data-gathering device. This device will record essential data from the small-scale launcher to improve our simulations and help us advance in our research.

Solid Rocket V.2

V.2 will be the first rocket to be accelerated by our OLS. It will be launched from our 50cm rail launcher and will record strategic data to improve our rail launcher. We will also test the limits of the launching system by doing extreme conditions testing.

Liquid Rocket V.3

With V.3, we will launch a small liquid-propelled rocket marking the way into the new age of highly efficient OLS. This version will test out specific data concerning chamber pressure and specific impulse.

Our Research